Threaded union type flexible connector

Size: DN20-DN65

Connection: Threaded

Applicable temperature: -30°-250°

Material of rubber: EPDM,NBR,CR,FKM,VITON,SBR

Working Pressure: 1.0 (10)(kgf/cm²)

Explosion Pressure: 3.0 (30)(kgf/cm²)

Vacuum Kpa: 53.3 (400)(mm/Hg)

Applicable Media: oil,acid,alkali,hot water,sea water,air,compressed air

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Rubber joint is also called soft rubber pipe joint, flexible rubber joint, soft rubber joints, rubber joints, high-pressure rubber joints, rubber shock absorber, compensator.According to the connection of the rubber joint, including loose sleeve flange type, fixed flange and screw type 3;According to the structure, it can be divided into 5 kinds, such as a single sphere, a sphere, a reducer, a curved ball and a pressure coil.The utility model is composed of an inner layer and outer layer glue, a cord layer and a steel wire ring, wherein, the tubular rubber part is formed by vulcanization and then is combined with a metal flange or a parallel joint.This product can reduce vibration and noise, and can be caused by temperature changes caused by thermal expansion and cold shrinkage compensation, widely used in various piping systems.


Features of threaded union type flexible connector: high density, high pressure and elastic deformation. Advantages: high quality rubber joints recommended to reduce vibration, noise reduction, lightweight.

DN Length (mm) Axial Displacement (mm) Horizontal Displacement (mm)
mm Inch Extension Compression
20 0.75 180 5-6 22 22
25 1 180 5-6 22 22
32 1.25 200 5-6 22 22
40 1.5 210 5-6 22 22
50 2 220 5-6 22 22
65 2.5 245 5-6 22 22


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