Electric Resilient Seat Gate Valve

Body: Ductile cast iron

Disc: Ductile cast iron packed with NBR

Gasket: Ductile cast iron packed with NBR

Cover: Ductile Cast Iron

Stem: Stainless Steel

O-Ring: EPDM Silicone

Thrust bearing: Brass

Gland: Ductile Cast Iron

Dust proof gasket: EPDM/NBR

Hand wheel: Ductile Cast Iron

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Our company seal of the elastic base seat of the electric gate, can according to user requirements with all kinds of electric actuator (domestic, import, various protection, explosion-proof grade). Can realize the scene also can remote control operation. Can be electric, can also be manually.
If the customer has no special requirements, general equipped with domestic actuators. If user with supporting electric cabinet, when ordering, please indicate.
The elastic base seat electric seal gate valves in addition to the electric actuator, other components and non-rising stem type is exactly the same.


1.The seal is desigend with dustproof ring plus three “O”-seal ring,reliable sealing,on-line replaceable.
2.Both gate and aluminum bronze bearing are in inaid design good self lubrication ,high strength and can have the aluminum bronze bearing replaced withoutneed to replace the gate integrally,aftere a long time use.
3.Rubber wrapped gate anti-corrosion,good tightness.
4.Advanced surface treatment,coated with non-toxic epoxy resign static powder,anti-corrosion,pollution-free,can be used drinking water pipeline.
5.The body is designed without gate slot,the smooth passage will not get impurities filling up ,more applicable for sewage working condition.
6.The integral seal works raliably. For the high pressure seal,leaving zero leakage under1.5 times nominal pressure and ,for the low pressure one ,under 0.02Mpa.

Suited electric actuator

DN 50 65 80 100 125 150 200 250 300 350 400 450 500 600 700 800
Denso Type DZW10 DZW15 DZW30 DZW45 DZW60 DZW120 DZW180
Technology Standard

1.Power of motor for three-phase ac, 380 v (special order 660 v or 220 v), 50 hz (special order 60 hz); Line of 220 v50hz (special order 60 hz); Remote control is 24 VDC
2.The environment temperature: - 20 ~ + 60 ℃ (special order to 60 ~ + 80 ℃)
3.Relative humidity: 90% or less (25 ℃)
4.Outdoor used for flammable/explosive and non corrosive medium
5.Protection grade: IP65 outdoor type


1.Water supply
2. sewage


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