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Valtec valve jointed a new partner

Date: 04-12      Editor: Valtec      Clicks: 

Valtec valve jointed a new partner of foundry works whom has 15 years foundry works experience,our workshop environment now meet Chinese government inspection standard well on all side,can keep fastest delivery time and stable price for future orders,we are being more competitive both on price and delivery time among Chinese valve suppliers from now on...

Valtec Valve is a proud and experienced manufacturer of butterfly valves and other cast iron valves. We research and produce high quality and economic butterfly valves (cast iron butterfly valves, cast steel butterfly valves, aluminium butterfly valves and other kinds of cast iron valves etc.) that build our nation’s water and sewage infrastructure. With professional design and rich experiences of valve manufacturing, our company is a famous butterfly valve manufacture in north and middle part of china. Our company passed ISO9001, and we're constantly making great efforts to produce better products and better support that our customers needs.

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