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Advantages of Valtec Butterfly Valve

Date: 01-12      Editor: Valtec      Clicks: 
1, There are 24 months warranty of our products from the date of original delivery, "three guarantees" service (return, replacement, warranty).
2.Own patent right for a design
3.Your OEM orders are welcomed. Customer's logo is available.
4.Technical drawing and new body mould is available.
5.More than 40 salesmen are always working with you and listening to you.
6.Professional web design,feel comfortable when browsing products
7.We accept sample order
8.Perfect seaworthy packing,spongy cushion protect for each floor, prevent damage when transfer
9.full-automatic machine paint line, match high-temperature baking house,which makes smooth paint and good appearance of valve.
10.You don't worry about leakage problem. Each valve will take 2 times pressure test before leave factory. 24 months warranty.
The wall thickness is two time as thick as normal type,better bearing performance
Solid body, drilled by machine,ensure the concentricity,reduce friction effectively.
We can supply ANSI B16.1Class125,DIN2501 PN10/16,BS4504 PN10/16,JIS10K body type for customers reference.
Use high quality EPDM seat, -20-135℃, enhance tightness between body and seat.With the advantages as follows:
1.widely used in industry pipeline,easy replacement,longer service life. Test result shows seat has no influence after open and shut over 10000 times.Also supply NBR,PTFE,CSM,Viton,CR seats etc.
High precision disc external edge,reach requirement of bubble-tight,low torque,long service life. The max working pressure is PN3.0 We supply Ni plated DI,SS304,SS316,bronze, WCB,DI coated nylon for your choose.
Galvanized carbon steel shaft,smooth and anti-rust,reduce friction effectively.
single,double shafts with square,ellipsoid and circular edge for your choose. We can supply SSS416,SS304,SS316 materials according to different working medium.
Stainless steel bolts and nuts, rust-resistant,long service life.
Use spring washer and flat gasket, effectively prevent loose when pipe shock.
Yellow bushing,made from waterproof and wear resistant material after 16 processes,each valve has 4 bushings with 1 O ring, 5 protections reach zero leakage.
Supply punching iron, malleable iron, aluminum handle according to customers' requests.scientific design,labour saving.
2 mm thickness chromed plated tooth disk, deformation resistance.
We also supply Ni plated disk,zine plated disk, aluminum dick.