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Butterfly Valve Installation & Maintenance Manual

Butterfly valve is designed for pipeline system connection between two flanges or with one flange for connection with the pipeline system of which one side has been fixed. The handle (or gear box) of butterfly valve can be rotated backward or forward for 180 degrees. Butterfly valve is designed for installation with square screw, nut and washer.

Standard butterfly valve installation manual

Step 1

Installation procedures, requirement for the flanges in the pipeline system have been stated in this Manual.[Note]: It is required that flanges on the pipeline have to be aligned accurately with the screw holes and the desired position of the valves.

Step 2

Check the screw holes of two flanges in the pipeline for alignment with reserved clearance. Flanges in the pipeline have to be aligned in parallel and clearance has to be reserved for putting the valve in.

Step 3

Rotate the valve to [CLOSE] position, put in the valve and install screw, nut and washer, then, tighten them up with hand.

Step 4

Open the valve and check X axis deviation and operation range of the valve blades. Deviation of the center line of pipeline shall not exceed 1/8”. If it is necessary to adjust the position of valve, just tighten up the screws in order by use of the diagonal opposite positions, then, lock up the flange screws with the torque increment of 5ft-lbs until specified requirement is met. Don’t try to force a lock-up in the excessive clearance within the range not allowed.

Removal of Handle or Gear Box

Step 1

Close the valve, then, remove the nuts and washers on the handle and remove four(4) screws and washers underneath the gear box(10” butterfly valve) to remove the handle or gear box.

Step 2

After handle is reinstalled, just tighten up the nuts and washers with force. After gear box is reinstalled, just tighten up the screws and washers with even force.

Butterfly valve Maintenance Manual

Butterfly valve can be easily removed from the position in the pipeline and new one and parts can be replaced rapidly. The factory can provide all wheel parts required for maintenance, service or replacement for calibration. Almost all parts can be replaced. For obtaining support, please contact technical department of the factory. [Note]: Upon performing any maintenance, the system shall be turned off with pressure released and water drained.

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