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As the world’s freshwater supplies dwindle and the population increases, desalination plants will experience tremendous growth. Many areas, and not all just arid, are already trying to reduce dependence on groundwater stores. Already, desalination provides fresh water for nearly 400 million people each year, and that number is growing.

Desalination plants are typically constructed near or in conjunction with power plants, using excess heat generated by the power plant for the desalination process. Large military vessels, such as aircraft carriers, use nuclear power to desalinate water for crew consumption. Since Bray valves are equally ideal for power plant purposes, this creates a win-win situation for the Bray customer.

Part of the strength of Bray valves is that they offer three disc-to-stem connections; Double ‘D’, Splined, and Double Key. These internal non-wetted connections eliminate typically exposed external disc-to-stem connections such as screws or taper pins. Disassembly of Bray’s internal connection is performed by simply pulling the stem out of the disc. Bray’s precision machining of the disc and the stem connection minimizes hysteresis and produces maximum strength engagements. All stem designs incorporate a blow-out proof feature.


Fluids used in desalination can be corrosive. That makes it necessary to often choose metals that are corrosion resistant; something other than the standard cast iron or carbon steel. Resilient seated butterfly valves utilizing Nylon 11 coated discs for seawater have routinely been in service over 20 years with little or no corrosion. High performance valves may be had utilizing stainless steel or nickel aluminum bronze bodies. Stems for all types of Daryu valves come standard in stainless steel.

The Tri Lok triple offset valve was designed for applications ranging from steam and hydrocarbons to produced water and refined products, providing bi-directional zero leak performance. Its non-rubbing metal-to-metal seal ensures long life and dependability. Compared to gate, globe or ball valves of the same size and pressure class, Tri Lok provides space and weight savings while minimizing installation and maintenance costs. A tough industry needs a tough product, and Bray products perform.

The need for fresh water supplies will continue to grow over the coming years, Daryu will provide good solutions to meet customer’s requirements.